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Simpson Pressure Washer Reviews "PS4240 S"


Simpson Pressure Washer Reviews "PS4240 S" - Do the cleanup is an important activity for everyone, especially for those who want to keep the house, the furniture, and the area around the house still looks clean. The professional cleaning services, painting contractors, they also always do this activity.

Most of them choose to clean it manually or with the help of a garden hose, but some others already using modern cleaning tool known as pressure washers.

How about you? Which way will you choose? If you always do light cleaning tasks, you can use a garden hose in your home or use the best electric pressure washer to get the maximum cleaning results. But if you have a heavy cleaning tasks that always makes you feel tired, then you should use a gas pressure washer.

Gas pressure washers have two times better performance than the electric type, and ten times more powerful than a garden hose. There are many options available, in the class of gas, the Simpson pressure washers could be the best option for you.

Simpson brand is a member of the FNA Group. FNA Group is a company at 1825 Greenleaf Ave. Elk Grove Village, IL. This company is also working with other leading brands such as Dewalt.

Simpson offers two pressure washer product categories, namely premium residential products and premium commercial products. Now I will to show you how the performance of Simpson PowerShot pressure washer PS4240 series. It is one of the premium commercial products that should you consider.

Simpson Pressure Washer Product Reviews "PS4240 S"

There are many ways that we can do to find out how the quality and performance of a product. Identify the product specifications in detail is one of the most popular ways. I also use this method to reveal the Simpson PS4240 S PowerShot performance.

All gas pressure washers, including Simpson PS4240 S, supported by several components. Each component that mounted on Simpson PowerShot pressure washer, plays an important role to make PS4240 S becomes as one of the best models in its class.

Let's Start by Identifying Simpson PS4240 S Pressure Washer Pump

Each pressure washer is always equipped with a pump. There are three popular types of pumps. You can find each type of pumps through this guide.

Simpson PowerShot PS4240 S pressure washer using a AAA triplex industrial pumps. It is one of the newest choices after Comet, GP, AR, CAT, GIANT, Kranzle, and LEGACY brands.

Although this is one of the newest brand that you may have never heard before, but you do not have to worry. The AAA industrial triplex pumps manufacturer by FNA Group, an experienced company in presenting pressure washers, pumps, hoses, spare parts for all consumers in Ilinois, even for all consumers throughout the world.

Based on the quality and durability, it is very difficult to find differences between AAA industrial pumps with 5 other popular brands. Continue reading to find proof.

AAA industrial pumps at  Simpson power washer PS4240 S already uses a ceramic piston. It is one of the best materials that are also used by all levels of industrial pumps. In fact, all the popular pumps brands I mentioned before also uses a ceramic piston.

Piston within the pump always moves between the rubber protector to generate flow and pressure. Ceramic piston has a very smooth surface so it has a very smooth movement. Protective rubber will be more durable. While piston that does not use a ceramic material, more easily wear out quickly and make the rubber protector can easily damage.

To offer solutions to the problems that often arise in the direct drive pump, AAA industrial triplex pump integrated with the Thermal Relief. This system will automatically work when you do not press the trigger on the wand to delay spraying. This situation is commonly known as bypass mode.

During pauses spraying (bypass mode), the water will flow back into the pump and continue to circulate. This circulation makes the water temperature inside the pumps increases. If the temperature exceeds 145 degrees it will damage the protective rubber and making the pumps overheating. Thermal Relief will drain the hot water, and make the cold water flowing into the pumps, this makes the temperature of the pump will remain stable.

So the ceramic piston with a durable rubber protector can make the AAA pumps does not lose the power of pressure. This makes  Simpson gas pressure washer not only perfect for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, adjustable unloaded features at the pumps also makes these tools perfect for specific cleaning tasks.

Thermal relief system and forged brass head make the pumps very strong for daily use. Interestingly AAA industrial pumps at a Simpson PS4240 S pressure washer protected 2-year commercial warranty.

Comparing the Simpson Pressure Cleaner Engine !! 

Subaru, Ford, Yamaha, Vanguard and Honda, is a popular brand that is often used by most industrial gas pressure washers. Simpson PS4240 using Honda GX series OHV engine.

To make sure the GX390 engine series still offers the best performance, Honda added a decompression technology and Oil Alert. Decompression technology makes you easy to turn the Simpson PS4240 pressure washer on. While the Oil Alert system will stop the machine automatically when the engine oil at the lowest level.

Honda GX390 engine series is one of the next generation of the GX 200 (read: gas pressure washers are powered by a Honda GX200 engine). When compared with Honda GX200, GX390 4-stroke OHV engine produces 11.7 horsepower at 3600 RPM, 19.5 lb-ft at 2500 RPM. All users can start the engine through two systems, namely Recoil and Electric.

Honda OHV GX 390 engine powered by 6.1 L tank and combined with 1.1 oil capacity. This is twice as large capacity when compared with the GX200 tank. The Simpson PowerShot PS4240 S can work well for a longer time. While the fuel used is 86 octane or higher.

Please see a more detailed comparison between Honda GX390 OHV engine with GX200 via the image below:

Simpson PS4240 Pressure Washer Engine
Honda GX200 OHV Engine

Other important information that should you know is, this Honda GX390 engine also meets the requirements of the EPA and CARB standards and protected by a 3 year commercial warranty.

The strongest pumps + best engine = High PSI and GPM score

It is a simple formula that gives a perfect result, the producers of gas pressure washers always use this formula to give the perfect answer to all the problems that often met by customers.

AAA industrial triplex plunger pump that joined with GX390 OHV commercial series engine makes the Simpson PS4240 S gas pressure washer has 4200 PSI and 4.0 GPM. When the score of PSI and GPM multiplied, it will generate a number of cleaning power.

Simpson PowerShot pressure washer has 16800 cleaning power. It is not just rinse and throw away all the dirt on the surface, strong pressure and greater flow rate, can easily and quickly drop the paint on the walls, even the concentrated stain attached to the steel.

Other Core Components of Simpson PowerShot PS4240 

  • Chassis
  • Heavy guage components 
  • Welded constructions 
  • Solid steel axle
  • 13" pneumatic tires
  • Convenient accessory storage
  • Secondary-frame bar protects engine, provide lift assist & display quick start guide

Simpson PowerShot PS4240 Accessories 

  • 3/8" x 50 Ft steel braid high pressure hose
  • Quick connect fittings for fast set-up 
  • Pro series spray gund & wand 
  • 5 pro quick connect tips 

Who is Suitable to Use Simpson PowerShot 4200 PSI Power Washer ?

If you always have the heaviest cleaning jobs less than 20 hours per week, or you are a contractor who is familiar with deck cleaning, wood restoration, paint preparation, or even the graffiti removed, PS4240 gas pressure washer from Simpson is perfect for choice. In fact, this is one of the best cleaning machines are also recommended for all professional cleaning services.

Where Can You Buy the Simpson PowerShot PS4240 S Pressure Washer ?

You can buy this Simpson PowerShot pressure washer PS4240 S through Amazon. Amazon do currently have the best deal especially with the free shipping option.