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AR142S Electric Pressure Washer


A pressure washer is a modern cleaning product that offers faster cleaning results, and a solution for those who have always faced a problem when cleaning around the house with a garden hose.High pressure, 10 times less water, pressure washers now available in many options.

Are you looking for a pressure washer from the best brands around $ 100? If the answer is yes, stay with me here, because you will get a full reviews of 1500 psi electric pressure washer "AR Blue Clean AR142S".

Before you read the full review of the AR Blue Clean AR142S pressure washer, and knowing the spec comparison between AR142S and AR142P, I will invite you to find out what exactly is an electric power washer, explanation of the PSI on a pressure washer, the advantages and disadvantages of pressure washer with 1500 PSI scores.
1500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Electric Power Washer "Definition & Function"

This is an exclusive cleaning products supported by the best components are capable of making water has higher PSI and GPM score than a garden hose.

PSI and GPM score combination will generate higher cleaning power, and make an electric pressure washer suitable for multiple cleaning jobs inside and outside the home, such as:

  • Cleaning vehicles 
  • Cleaning outdoor furniture
  • Cleaning farm tools
  • Cleaning decks
  • Cleaning sidewalks

PSI Ranges on Electric Washing Machine  

Pounds per square inch (PSI) is the score or number that describes the strength of the water pressure, and to help the task of cleaning a surface. The score also serves to help you can find out what tasks you want to do.

If the garden hose generally has a score below 50 PSI, with the help of high-speed motors and pumps, electric pressure washers are capable of producing 1500 or more than 2000 PSI. Based on this PSI score, all-electric pressure washers divided into various types, as follows:
  • 1500 - 1700 PSI : Basic Type 
  • 1600 - 1800 PSI : Medium Type 
  • 1900 up to 2000 PSI : Highest Type 
Basic Type : Most electric pressure washers 1500 - 1700 PSI usually equipped with wheels. But you can still find that is not equipped with wheels. Although not supported by the hose reel, the pressure washers basic types usually supported by attaching or board storage feature.

GPM : 1.1 - 1.5
Cleaning Power : 1650 - 2500
Suitable for : 
  • Washing of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, and bicycles)
  • Washing garden furniture
  • Washing a small deck
Prices : $ 89 - $ 135

Medium Type : Pressure washers 1600 - 1800 PSI comes up with a more complete feature. Already equipped with a hose reel, pump and motor more professional, has been supported by wheels.

GPM : 1.2 - 1.6
Cleaning Power : 2080 - 2880
Prices : $130 - $150

Suitable for  : 
  • Washing of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, and bicycles)
  • Washing garden furniture
  • Washing a small deck
  • Washing farming tools

Highest Type : Electric pressure washers highest type (1900-2000 PSI) is equipped with a full-featured, hose reel, wheels. Pump and motor professionally and suitable for daily use.

GPM : 1.3 - 2.0
Cleaning Power : 2470 - 4000
Prices : $ 200 - $300

Suitable for : 

  • Washing of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, and bicycles)
  • Washing garden furniture
  • Washing a small deck
  • Washing farming tools
  • Washing small boat 
  • Washing sidewalks
  • Washing home siding 
  • Washing balcony 

The Standard Specification of the 1500 PSI Cold Water Power Washer

There are many choices of pressure washers 1500 PSI is available through regular store or online store, based on the reviews I did before, all of this type usually have the same specifications with little difference.

  • Hoses : 19 ft - 20 ft (PVC Plastic) 
  • Power Cord : 30 ft - 35 ft (with GFCI) 
  • Nozzles Type : Adjustable Nozzles Type 
  • Water temperature : Cold Water
  • Motor : Universal 
  • Pump : Wobble 

1500 PSI Electric Power Washer Brands 

  • AR Blue Clean 
  • Karcher 
  • Campbell Hausfeld 
  • Briggs and Stratton 
  • Powerplay 
  • Sun Joe 

Advantages Using a Basic Type Electric Pressure Washer

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor cleaning
  • Easy to be stored
  • Easily to turned on
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Not noisy
  • Cheap

Cons of 1500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

  • Only suitable for light cleaning 
  • Not suitable for daily use

Reviews of AR Blue Clean AR 142 S 1500 PSI Power Washer 

It is one of the latest series of AR Blue Clean pressure washer that I most recommend for those who need a best electric pressure washer from the well-known brand, which is more efficient and powerful than a garden hose.

AR142S Exterior
Designed with a comfortable grip handle, large wheels and aerodynamic body, AR142S presented with a blend of black and white color. This makes AR142S as a portable machine with a luxurious and modern look.

AR142S Performance
1500 PSI and 1.4 GPM combined, make AR142S have a 2100 cleaning power. AR Blue Clean S Line AR142S, really be knocked out all the concentrated dirts at the wheel of your vehicle, and make the deck look like new. Pumps and motors have actually been improved, this makes AR142S more durable and suitable for use under 20 hours per week.

AR142S Features
In order to get a better cleaning results while using AR142S, this portable machine is supported with a special detergent bottle, and nozzles which can be customized easily. Best board storage makes cables and hoses can be stored neatly. On / Off button on the front, allowing you to run the engine quickly.

AR142 S 1500 PSI Power Washer Full Specs 

Brand AR Blue Clean S Line
Model Number AR 142s
Product Dimensions 15x11x19 inches
Weight 20
Warranty 1 Year warranty
Manufacturer AR
Nozzle Type Adjustable nozzle
Type Electric
Water Temperature Cold Water
PSI 1500
GPM 1.4
Cleaning Power 2100
Hose 20 ft High pressure hose
Cord 35 ft power cord with GFCI
Motor Universal 120V 60Hz
Pump Brand Annovi Reverberi

Comparing between AR142S & AR142 Plus 

AR 142 S is the next generation of AR 142 Plus. Despite having the same series, but both of them really have a clear distinction, and as an additional option that you can consider, we present a comparison table of these models.

Pressure Washers

AR 142S
AR 142 Plus

AR 142 Plus
PSI 1500 PSI 1600 PSI
GPM 1.4 GPM 1.5 GPM
Horse Power 1.3 1.2
Water Temperature Cold Cold
Motor Universal 120 Volts, 60 HZ Universal 120 Volts, 60 HZ
Pump Brand Annovi Reverberi Annovi Reverberi
Hose 20 ft High pressure hose 20 ft High pressure hose
Power Cord 35 ft GFCI 35 ft GFCI

AR Blue Clean AR142S Pressure Washer 1500 PSI Video