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AR Blue Clean AR116 Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer


AR company offers more than three AR Blue Clean pressure washer options for all consumers throughout the world. AR Blue Clean AR116 is one of cold water electric pressure washers that back up with the best components and is perfect for outdoor light-duty cleaning tasks. Does not need extra care, it is easy to turn on, the price is cheaper, became some of the best reasons why I recommend this product to you.

In order to help you easily find out how the quality and performance of AR Blue Clean AR 116 electric pressure washer, I will invite you to take a closer look detailed specifications and performance of this product. You can also measure the product quality by looking at the specifications comparison table, and the last you will also get a choice of pressure washers that may actually suit your budget and needs.

Review specifications of AR Blue Clean AR 116

For those who are already experienced in using a pressure washer would be able to know what is the PSI and GPM mean? PSI and GPM is a number or a score you need to consider when you want to buy a pressure washer, as well as when you want to buy an best electric pressure washer.

PSI and GMP scores on an electric pressure washer can help us easily find out how these tools can work and what are the cleaning tasks that can finish with this machine. AR Blue Clean AR116 electric power washer has a 1450 PSI to 1.35 GPM. This score is higher when compared with a standard garden hose in your home.

AR 116 is a light-duty electric pressure washer with a 1975 cleaning power. This AR116 power washer is ideal for cleaning tasks outside and inside the home, such as cleaning vehicles, cleaning small decks, cleaning, garden furniture and patio.

Hose Length
There are three best pressure washer hose available today, i.e. PVC plastic hose, Rubber, Polyurethane. AR 116 Blue Clean pressure washers equipped with a 1/4 " PVC plastic high-pressure hose with a maximum length of 20 inches.

It is a measure that is longer than the standard size is usually only about 19 inches. PVC plastic is one of the most popular type of hose. Although this is not flexible, this hose is proven for a long-term use, and you can update them if it really wants it.

Power Cord
Electric power cable allows you to quickly connect AR Blue Clean AR 116 electric pressure washer to the main power source. AR Blue Clean 116 supported with a 34.5 "power cable that is already integrated with GFCI, GFCI is a circuit that turns off the engine automatically when the current flow is not normal to prevent electric shock or injuries. So AR 116 is very safe for all users.

Quality pump is a pump made by the best brands, not easily hot, very quiet, and can replace. AR Blue AR 116 pressure cleaner supported by the 3 Axial-piston wobble plate pump. This pump really meets with all the requirement criteria of a best pump. This pump is still safe even if used under 20 hours per week.

Motor is one of the important components that can move the pump to create high pressure water flow smoothly to the sprayer wand. In addition to direct drive axial, universal is one of the best options are most commonly used in most electric pressure washers. AR Blue AR 116 electric cleaning machine powered by universal electric motor 120 volts, 60 Hz.

Extra features

Automatic stop system
This system can controlled through the spray gun. The main function of the automatic stop feature on AR Blue Clean AR 116 electric pressure washer to support the pump and the motor durability to keep offering excellent performance. The motor and pump will only work when you really start press the trigger gun to begin cleaning.

Lock feature
This prevents unintentional accidents when the appliance is not in use. Lock feature also serves to make the tool stay safe when accessed by your child without your permission.

AR Blue Clean AR 116 1450 PSI "Picture & Technical Details"

Brand AR Blue Clean
Model Number AR116
Product Dimensions 9.5 x 10.5 x 19 inches
Weight 19 pounds
Warranty 1 Year consumer warranty
Certified CSA approved
Nozzle Type Adjustable nozzle
Type Electric
Water Temperature Cold Water
PSI 1450
GPM 1.35
Cleaning Power 1975
Hose 20" High pressure hose
Cord 34.5 power cord with GFCI
Motor Universal 120 Volts, 60 HZ
Pump Annovi Reverberi 3 axial-piston wobble-plate

Comparing AR Blue Clean AR 116 with AR 118 Electric Pressure Washer 
AR 116 and AR 118 is a twin cold water electric pressure washers are perfect for all light cleaning tasks. This is the best series of AR Blue Clean you should consider. To allow you to make a choice, here we present a detailed comparison of the specifications of each product.

Pressure Washers
AR 116 Electric pressure washer

AR 116
AR 118 electric pressure washer

AR 118
1450 PSI
1500 PSI
1.3 GPM
1.5 GPM
Cleaning power
Water Temperature
Universal 120 Volts, 60 Hz
Universal 120 Volts, 60 Hz
3 axial-piston wobble plate pump
3 axial-piston wobble plate pump

You need other electric pressure cleaner products?

I chose Sun Joe SPX1000 as the best recommendation. This product also comes with the same PSI scores with AR Blue Clean AR 116, but higher GPM. The SPX1000 electric pressure washer has a 2100  cleaning power. This model is also perfect for outdoor cleaning.

Brand Sun Joe
Model Number SPX1000
Product Dimensions 12 x 9.8 x 19 inches
Weight 11.7 pounds
Warranty 2 Year consumer warranty
Certified CSA approved
Nozzle Type Adjustable nozzle
Type Electric
Water Temperature Cold Water
PSI 1500
GPM 1.4
Cleaning Power 2100
Hose 20" High pressure hose
Cord 35 power cord with GFCI
Motor Universal 120-Volt Single-Phase
Pump Wobble

Where Can You Read More Reviews for the AR Blue Clean AR 116 1450 PSI 1.35 GPM?
The best place for reviews from people who actually use the AR Blue Clean AR 116 product is Amazon.