Sunday, January 03, 2016

Electric Pressure Washer Buyer's Guide


Because this tool can clean all surfaces with better results faster when compared with a garden hose, that is the main reason why a pressure washer into one of the popular products that are needed by all consumers worldwide. Do you also need this tool? then what type would you use? If you choose the type of electric, so this time you are in the right place.

To help all our wonderful readers. before we have given some reviews like, what exactly is the pressure washer? the differences and similarities of electric and gas type. And when you actually finish reading this buying guide, you will know which of a best electric pressure washer that you should buy.
There are many considerations that are always used by each consumer to really buy and get the best product. Knowing the brands available options, and then determine the product specifications in detail, and check the price of the product, are three important considerations that must be kept in mind before actually making a purchase of a product. And the main purpose of this guide is to help you to be able to choose or buy an electric pressure washers from leading brands, with quality specifications, and affordable prices.

Knowing the electric pressure brand in detail  

Make the brand as the primary consideration will certainly make you able to find out who or what company profile has been marketed electric pressure washers that you want to purchase. Several big companies always have a brand product that has been popular among consumers. There are many factors that can make a product brand became so popular, one of which is the experience possessed by the company itself, the quality of the products offered by the company itself and more. There are many companies or brands of pressure washers are available in the market today, and the following two popular brands of electric pressure washers in the United States.  

Snap On

Snap On, is one brand that is popular among US consumers. Snap on pressure washer is produced by a company based in Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States, which was founded by Joseph Johnson and William Seidemann. By having 95 years of experience, Today most of the Snap On brand products are not only sold to consumers in the United States alone, the product Snap On is also very familiar to consumers in Australia, Europe, Russia and Asia.

In the category of pressure washers, Snap On offer products with a character or a very distinctive design that makes powerful product that has high portability. There are three series of products are quite popular in the market today, and Snap On 2000 PSI pressure washer is one of the popular series that already we review in detail here before.

Annovi Reverberi 

AR Blue is the electric pressure washers are designed by a company that has experienced more than 50 years, known as Annovi Reverberi. Based in North America, this is one of the best high pressure pump maker. In fact, some Annovi Reverberi pumps are also widely used in most of the pressure washer from a variety of different brands.

Annovi Reverberi company has created many series of electric pressure washers. Their products are commonly known as AR Blue pressure washer, and one of the best series is AR 118. While the AR Blue S-Line series became the new models offered by Annovi Reverberi, for all consumers who have plans to buy an electric pressure washers in 2015.

Check the electric power washer specifications carefully

Each brand electric pressure washers are usually supported with different specifications. And differences in specifications, allowing us to determine the quality of each electric pressure washers that we want to buy. When you want to buy the best electric pressure washers, you need to know what the specification of the product in detail.

The quality of an electric pressure washer is determined by several factors including the maximum cleaning power, the type of pump used, and the type of motor used.

Measure the cleaning power  

Cleaning power generated by an electric pressure washer is not as high as with the type of gas, however a type of electric pressure washers can work better when compared with a garden hose in your home. Electric pressure washer is one of the premium model that has 4000 maximum power.

Cleaning power on all types of pressure washers, including electric type, can be known with a very easy way. You simply multiply the PSI and GPM available on the product itself. Electric pressure washers usually have a range of 1500 to 2100 PSI, with a combined 1.5 to 2.0 GPM. Electric pressure washers have a high PSI and GPM, will have a greater cleaning power.

PSI: PSI or Pounds Per Square Inch is a measure that determines the power level of pressure that can be generated by any pressure washer itself. The higher the level of pressure, it will make you able to remove dirt that concentrated on the surface easily.

GPM: GPM or Gallons Per Minute is a measure of the volume of water that can be sprayed by any pressure washer itself. If the volume of water that is sprayed in a matter of minutes is greater, it will make all the concentrated stain attached to the surface can be washed easily and quickly.

When you choose a pressure washer to 2000 PSI and 2.0 GPM combination of course you know that the product you buy has 4000 cleansing power, while if you choose an electric pressure washer 1500 PSI and 2.0 GPM you can know that the product you buy has the cleaning power 3000 . This means that when you buy an electric pressure washers that have a higher cleaning power, you can wash large areas more quickly.

Choose durable pump

Pumps of electric pressure washers are one important component that serves to ensure the water that flows into the spray wand in accordance with the size requirements. Each electric pressure washers are equipped with different types of pumps. Wobble pump, and Axial are two types of pumps are most often be found in any electric pressure washers are available in the market today.

Wobble Pump: Is one type of standard pumps are offered with cheaper price. This is one type of pump that can not be updated, so the only shortcoming of the wobble pump is when serious damage occurred to the wobble pump, then you can not do the replacement pump. So you have to buy a pressure washer again.

Axial Pump: It is one of the premium pump at a price that is more expensive when compared with the wobble pump. This pump has better durability than wobble pump. These pumps can be renewed or can be repaired. So when damage occurs to the pump, you can perform service first.

Select the best motor

Motor is the part that serves to ensure water can rotate faster and as a supporter of the pump. There are two types of motors which can be found at, ie induction motors and universal motors.

Motor Universal: This is one of the best motors are widely used by electric pressure washers with a cheaper price.

Induction motors: Is one type of premium motor which has many advantages compared with Universal motors. Induction motors are believed not heat up quickly, and not noisy. So that the pressure washer can be used in a longer time, for cleaning outside and inside the room of the house.

Choose according to your budget

The price of an electric pressure washers are very varied, when you buy an electric pressure washers through the internet, there are two places that you can choose. The first is to purchase directly through the company's official website, or you can make a purchase through the online store. Buy pressure washers through the online store is a popular way that has been chosen by the majority of consumers. Some online stores usually offer electric pressure washers with more than 10% discount and free shipping costs. For 1500 PSI electric pressure washer typically priced around $ 90 to $ 150, but if you want a product with a higher PSI, you must prepare the money about $200 to $250.