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Electric Pressure Washers "Comprehensive Information & Tips"


To able choose electric pressure washers are widely available at online shopping store correctly, you should collect complete information about the product and read a buying tips from reliable sources. Most beginners who have never used this tool before that want to be a smart consumer, always choose this way before they actually start shopping.

If you are still confused to decide which one best electric pressure washer you should buy?, You could finish reading this reviews. Through this post you will receive comprehensive information that can used as a reference to start shopping. Besides, you can find out what exactly is electric pressure washers? The main advantage of this washer, popular brands, type options, you can also find the best tricks, how to measure each products quality are available in the market easily and quickly.

Electric Pressure Washers "Comprehensive Information & Tips"

Definition :

This is one of the popular types of pressure washers that available at starting price $ 99, which is very user-friendly, environmentally friendly, and does not need extra maintenance costs.  This model has supported by a special pump and a motor that can produce high water pressure (1450 PSI up to 2000 PSI) and can join with 1.0 up to 1.7 GPM. The PSI and GPM combination make this pressure washers can produce 1500-3000 cleaning power (CU).

The Advantages :

This pressure washers offer many benefits when used for indoor and outdoor cleaning. I believe one of the advantages offered by cold water pressure washers could be the main reason, why you should have this tool. To find out the advantages of this tool, some experts have used a garden hose as a comparison. Let's check the results more closely.
  • 35 X more powerful than a garden hose

35 X more powerful than a garden hose
Mike Aletich a product expert at PressureWasherDirect said each garden hose connected to the tap water will be able to drain the 8 gallons of water per minute. When you integrate the garden hose with a spray gun, the flow of water decreases to 5 gallons per minute and increasing pressure from 10 PSI up to 40 PSI. This means, when we multiply the PSI and GPM, a garden hoses have 200 cleaning power. While pressure washers with the lowest psi ranging from 1450 psi and 1.0 GPM will have around 1450 the cleaning power.

While the Karcher official website explains that the tap water in every home usually generate pressures up to 4 bar. If you connected the pressure washer hose to the faucet, the pump and the motor on this pressure washer able to produce water pressure up to 150 bar. When it is sprayed through the nozzles, it will offer better cleaning results.
  • Uses less water than a garden hose 
Uses less water than a garden hose
We already know a garden hose that was connected with water faucet will flow 8 gallons of water per minute. When you attached a spray gun to the garden hose, it will drain 5 gallons of water per minute, with more pressure. The electric types usually combined with 1.0-1.7 GPM (gallons per minute). This means this pressure washers use 80 percent less water.
  • Offering better cleaning results quickly
Offering better cleaning results quickly
When you use a garden hose for outdoor cleaning, such as cleaning the patio. You must do it correctly and patiently to get the best cleaning result. The cleaning power that to low, forcing you to spend a lot of time and extra effort to clean up all the dirt that covered the surface. This advanced cleaning tools offer solutions to these problems. High PSI and GPM scores, with over 1000 cleaning power, making all users can easily knock out all the dirt concentrated at the surface quickly. When talking about pressure washers, this means that we are talking about the high water pressure that will make all your equipment really clean and looks new.

Suitable for : 

Pressure washers become one of the modern water jet spray that makes you would love to do the cleaning jobs every time you want. Especially for electric type, you can use this tool for light and medium duty cleaning. There are at least more than 10 areas in the house and in the garden that can keep up with an electric pressure washer.

Light cleaning jobs :
  • Vehicles : motorcycles, bikes, and cars
  • Patio furniture
  • Garden furniture
  • Grills 
  • Farming Tools
Medium cleaning jobs : 
  • Sidewalks
  • Fences 
  • Siding 
  • Decks
  • Balconies
  • Small boats
  • Stairs
  • Swimming Pools

The main parts: 

Each manufacturer has supported this tool with several main parts or spare parts to make sure that these tools can work faster and more powerful than a garden hose when used for cleaning all applications both inside and outside your home. To be able to invest properly and have a long-lasting product, make sure you know in detail the most important parts that mounted inside the product.

Pressure washer pump serves to make high-pressure water. Each quality pumps will generate higher pressure. There are two popular pumps are often used in electric type.

Notes : make sure you ask the seller to explain technical information about the pump inside the product, or when you want to do the repair or pump replacement, be sure to check whether the pump is suitable when mounted on your pressure washer.

Wobble pump: This is the basic type pump that is very popular and cheap. When you choose to buy a product that supported by a wobble pump, pressure washers experts, advise you to pay attention to the using durations. This pump still works well to produce high water pressure, but the pump is not able to offer stable performance when used in a long duration.

To make each pressure washers that use wobble pump remains durable and still offers excellent performance, you should use less than 10 hours per week. When you're forcing for daily use, you really will damage the pump. And unfortunately, you cannot do repairs or replacement when the wobble pump broken.

Axial pump: This is also one of the popular pumps. Although the price is slightly more expensive than wobble, but the axial pump is the medium pump type that most recommended by experts. Here are a few main reasons: not noisy, offer more power, backed by more larger bearings and oil reservoirs, making the pump have stable performance and durable, and can replace or repaired. Each of the pressure washers are powered by direct drive axial pump still provide excellent performance when used under 20 hours per week. Some experts also explained that the axial pump can last up to 800 hours.

Electric motors move at high-speed to support the pump to produce high-pressure water. This electric type has been largely supported by two types of motors.

Universal motors or synchronous motors, a motor that can move on the AC and DC power. It is one of the popular motors are widely used in most portable electrical appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, and in most household appliances. Universal motor has a high starting torque and can run at very high speeds.

Because this motor has brushes, so it is only suitable for infrequent use. This motor is also quite noisy because it uses the commutator. Some experts say that every pressure washers that supported by universal motors are usually offered at a cheaper price.

Induction motors, It is one of the latest AC electric motor, which work with different systems with universal motors. This motor is not using the mechanism of the commutator. Induction motors are very rugged, powerful but economical. An induction motor has a low starting torque, low noise and extremely energy-efficient. Each pressure washers that use induction motors typically have higher prices, but more durable than universal motors.

High pressure hoses:
The hoses allow you to connect a pressure washer to the faucet and spray wand easily and quickly. High pressure hose usually available in various sizes ranging from 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8 ". While the hose material commonly found in the market are, PVC plastic, rubber, and polyurethane. Most  1450 PSI  up to 2000 PSI pressure washers using a small 1/4 " hoses.

Supporting features:
Tips or Nozzles: This is an extra feature that is typically integrated on a stick spray. Nozzle or tips used to decide the angle spray pattern with varied degrees. Variations spray patterns allow you to do different cleaning with optimal results. There are three types of nozzles available that you can choose.
  • Single Nozzle: This is a nozzle that can quickly and practically adjusted. The single adjustable nozzle is widely used in the most pressure washers that have a pressure below 3000 PSI. You can adjust the 0 degrees up to 60 degrees when using this nozzle.
  • Colored nozzles: This is the quick connect standard nozzles that usually available in 4 to 5 colors. Each color code offers different spraying angles.
  • Turbo or rotating nozzle: This is one of the newest and usually sold separately, which is more practical and more effective than single adjustable nozzle. This nozzle can spray water jets, ranging from 5000 RPM to 9000 RPM, where the 0 degrees and 15 degrees angle combined. This system gives better cleaning results quickly. 
Stick spray, lance or wand : This is the bridge that connects the nozzle with a spray gun. Can be assembled quickly, stick sprayers are usually available in two materials, namely plastic and stainless steel.

Detergent tank: is an additional feature that is typically used for cleaning with soap.

Hose Reel: Serves to roll up and pull the hoses easily and neatly.

Type options: 

Pressure Washers basic types

medium types
highest types
1450 - 1600
1700 - 1800
1900 - 2030
1.0 - 1.4
1.0 - 1.6
1.4 - 1.7
Cleaning Power
1450 - 2240
1700 - 2880
2660 - 3451
Water Temperature
Price Range
$89 - $140
$129 - $150
$140 - $200

Basic, This is a popular type that comes without wheels, without hose reel, and is not supported by a detergent tank. Nevertheless, basic type is very easy to carry, easy to start and easily stored. This type is very suitable for light cleaning tasks.

Medium, Some products are equipped with wheels, hose reel and board storage, but others come without wheels and without board storage. It is perfect for cleaning medium scale, such as a small patio, farming tools, and a balcony.

Highest, More features and offers stable performance and maximum cleaning. This type is perfect for all cleaning jobs, ranging from light, medium, to heavy cleaning.

Brands : 

  • AR Blue Clean
A.R Blue clean
Type Public
Founded 1989
Headquarters 140 81st Avenue NE, United States
Availability of products 15
Price Range $99 - $239
  • Briggs & Stratton
Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton
Type Public
Founded 1908
Headquarters Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, United States
Availability of products 12
Price Range $199 - $569
  • Campbell Hausfeld
Campbell Hausfeld

Campbell Hausfeld
Type Subsidiary
Founded 1836
Headquarters Harrison, Ohio
Availability of products 7
Price Range $89 - $439
  • Kärcher

Type Private
Founded 1935
Headquarters Winnenden, Germany
Availability of products up to 10
Price Range $96 - $299
  • Powerplay 
POWERPLAY Power Washers

Type Public
Founded 2010
Headquarters 6226 Danville Rd. Canada
Availability of products 3
Price Range $100 - $220
  • Sun Joe / Snowjoe

Type Public
Founded 2004
Headquarters 305 Veterans Boulevard, USA
Availability of products 4
Price Range $99 - $229

Buying Tricks :

If now you are still on this page, this means you may not yet find what you are looking for. Are you looking for information that can help you find out how to buy the right product? If yes, please keep reading. If you choose to buy this product via the Internet, as well as having good product knowledge, you also need to know where the best place to shop or store that offers a lot of electric pressure washers options.

I recommend you to buy Amazon electric pressure washers. Besides offering a variety of pressure washers brands, Amazon also promises fast and friendly customer support to you, free shipping costs, discounts, and many more. In fact, all the bands that mentioned on this post before also available there. Here's a trick to buy the right products through Amazon.

Do not rush:
To get a better product, then you should be careful and patient. Spend more time to see all the products displayed by Amazon.

Check each product in detail:
This is a crucial stage, you need to know in detail whether the product has been actually met the criteria as the best product. Make sure you know the type of warranty, certification, type of pump and motor, extra features, security features of each product you want to buy through the product description page. If the product description doesn't show in detail, do not hesitate to ask the customer service.

Check the product ratings:
Amazon has a really scientific ways in determining each product ratings that displayed. Amazon uses several indicators, and please read the following quote for knowing how the ranking method:
"Amazon calculates a product’s star ratings using a machine learned model instead of a raw data average. The machine learned model takes into account factors including: the age of a review, helpfulness votes by customers and whether the reviews are from verified purchases."
Read the costumer reviews:
Read all reviews from all verified costumers that had already been using the same products that you want to buy, and know how many consumers who have given the vote or reviews to the product. This will help you know the experience and fair opinion before actually make a deal.