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Best Electric Pressure Washer “Karcher K5.740”


Best Electric Pressure Washer “Karcher K5.740” - What is the electric pressure washer? I believe everyone and you, can answer this question easily. How to choose a best electric pressure washer that have excellent performance and is suitable for daily use? Everyone will need a depth reviews as a guide, to answer the second question correctly.

When I want to buy an electric jet washers are perfect for cleaning inside and outside around my house, and of course also to wash my vehicles. I also had the same question.

To answer the above question, I need to know the criteria of the best cold water pressure washer first. Then I use these criteria as a reference to make the right buying decision.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time in searching for an best electric pressure washer for sale on the Internet, you can finish reading all the criteria that I have discovered through this review in less than 5 minutes, to get answers and find the best models that you are looking for.

Best Electric Pressure Washer “1500-2000 PSI Types”

Reviews of the 10 Best Electric Pressure Washer Criteria

This is the main criteria are most important to find a proper electric pressure washers. So make sure you reconfirmed the type of product warranty that you want to buy to the seller.

Each manufacturer of pressure washers typically offers a different warranty. After doing a short review on some brands and models available on the market, the warranty of electric pressure washers is divided into two types: 90-day warranty and limited warranty.

90 days warranty is usually given to guarantee some spare parts such as : Velve, o rings, seals, nozzles or tips.

The limited warranty is usually given to protect the two major components of electric pressure washers, namely pumps and motors.

When the product suddenly stops working or the damage occurred before the warranty period expires, while you already comply with usage guidelines suggested by the manufacturer, then you can claim the guarantee and ship the product back to the manufacturer of electric pressure washers. The manufacturer will repair or even replaced with new products.

Each best products should cover by a limited warranty and 90 days warranty. Especially for the limited warranty, 1 year is standard warranty. But you will get many benefits when choosing to buy products that protected by more than 1 year limited warranty. I've found it on the market.

Make sure you buy an electric pressure washers that certified by the official organization in your state. By identifying a product certification, this means that you may know that the product you would buy has passed the test of quality and safety standards.

There are several certification organizations that you can know, and one of the most popular is the CSA International. It is one of the CSA group that have authority to conduct testing and certification of some products such as plumbing, electrical, gas, mechanical and several other products.

CSA now has offices in Europe, China, and indeed throughout Canada, North America and in the United States. In addition to helping consumers, This CSA international certification also helps the manufacturers can easily market their products to the country that they target.

Electric pressure washers must have a CSA license. If you find a model that has supported this license, I believe it is one of the best product category.

3.Full Features
Features are the most important parts to support an electric pressure washers become more user-friendly. The best products should supported by wide wheels, turbo nozzles or 5 TIPS, board storage, detergent tank, 20 ft hose standard and 35 ft power cord,  hose reel and child safety features.

4.Has the highest cleaning power in its class
Electric pressure washers available in many options, to find the difference each product, we can classify the products into several types: basic, intermediate, and highest type. Some experts usually use the word light duty, medium duty and heavy-duty. All top electric pressure washer products always have higher cleaning power than other models in its class. For known cleaning power of each product you should check then multiplying the scores of PSI and GPM.

5.Supported by additional security features
This is one water jet cleaning equipment that uses electricity as the primary energy. Even if you've read the user manual, but the risk of an accident might occur. Some manufacturers of pressure washers have best solution to prevent fatal accidents during use.

The solution is to add an extra safety feature. We already know that some of the products already equipped with child safety features. But to get certified and can market to specific countries, the reputable manufacturers typically add more security features. One of the security features that must install is a GFCI. This is a safety feature that will automatically close the electrical circuit, when detecting the flow of electricity is not on the right track.

6.Using premium pump
The pump is the main pressure washer components that function to produce higher pressure with a larger amount of water flow. Axial is one of the excellent electric pressure washer pump that I recommend, this direct drive pump has better performance than the wobble pump. Why? Axial pump has a large bearing and has oil reservoirs, so it has better durability. The axial direct drive pump has excellent performance and can be used more than 400 hours before being repaired.

7.Using the exclusive motor
There are two types of motors that can be known, namely universal motor and induction motor, and after doing a comparison on each motor, the induction motor has many advantages compared to universal motors. Induction motors more efficient, quieter, more powerful, and more durable when compared with universal motors.

8.Assembled by well-known brand
When you choose to make a deal via the Internet, you can easily find out a lot of brand choices available. However, not all brands have the same level of popularity. In history, we know the high pressure washer was first discovered by Alfred Karcher, so I chose Karcher as one of the most recommended brand.

9.Highest rating product
When we choose to buy electric pressure washers through the online store or online market place, then to measure the quality of each model is to look at the star rating of the product. Rating product is determined by voting of consumers who have bought the product before, and products with a minimum 4.0 star rating usually are the most demanded products.

10.Stock always available
Stock is always available and all consumers can buy the products easily, is the last criteria of the best products.

If an electric pressure washer is already covered by a full warranty, receive official certification standard, full-featured, supported with more security features, using axial pumps and induction motors, assembled by well-known brand, get a high star rating, and always available. I'm sure it could be one of the best product that has greatest performance and perfect for daily use.'

Where to find the best residential pressure washers that meet the above criteria? The answer is Amazon. Why? Amazon provides more choice of models and brands, fast and friendly customer support, accepting all types of international payments, free shipping costs and discounts.

Not all models can easily meet the requirements or criteria that I want. After searching and comparing all new electric pressure washers for sale through Amazon, I finally chose Karcher K5.740 as the best electric pressure washer product.

Karcher electric pressure washer K5740
Brand Karcher
Model Number K 5.740
90 Days Warranty Yes
Limited Warranty Yes, 1-year limited; eligible for Rapid Exchange Program
CSA Certifed Yes
Power Cord Length 35 ft GFCI
Hose Length 25 ft
Hose Reel Yes
On Board Storage Yes
Detergent Tank Options Yes, Single Tank
Pump Karcher direct drive axial
Motor type Induction
Availaible Stock Yes, In Stock

Best Karcher K5.740 X Series Electric Pressure Washer 

Before you read the Karcher k5740 x series electric pressure washer reviews, Maybe you need to know about PSI? Why you should consider the PSI score, before purchasing a new electric pressure washers?

Pounds per square inch or PSI is the score or a number that always used to decide the level of pressure force. Every excellent residential electric power washer has integrated with a better pump and motors. The best pump and motor will work to produce a higher pressure than the existing standard hose in your home.

As you already know, there are three best electric pressure washer types that available. Starting from the basic type, medium, and highest type. Differences in each type determined based on the PSI scores of each product
  • Basic electric pressure washer: 1450 PSI - 1600 PSI
  • Medium electric pressure washers: 1700 - 1800 PSI
  • The highest electric pressure washer : 1800 - 2030 PSI
Basic type, are usually not equipped with a hose reel, without wheels, very suitable for light cleaning tasks inside and outside the home, such as to wash your vehicle, and outdoor furniture.

Medium type, that has more features, in addition also suitable for use on a light cleaning tasks, this type can also work perfectly to clean a small patio and balcony.

Highest type, this is the most recommended electric pressure washers that can not only complete the light and medium duty cleaning quickly. This type can also work optimally when used to clean sidewalks, house siding, and decks.

Some experts usually recommend to choose electric pressure washers that fit with what will you do. For example, when you only have light cleaning tasks at once a week, you can choose the basic type.

But in my opinion, the highest electric pressure washer type is one of the best choice. Why? This type suitable to use for all cleaning tasks. If you choose the basic type, while you want to do heavy cleaning tasks such as cleaning the house siding, sidewalks and fences, then you will not get optimal cleaning results. When you're forcing the device to work it will damage your device.

Karcher K5.740 x series electric pressure washer is one of the highest type models. This product remains safe and still offers excellent performance when used for light cleaning tasks such as washing your car, outdoor furniture, small patio, and balcony. This Karcher K5.740 X series can also quickly complete all the heavy cleaning tasks such as cleaning the house siding, decks, and sidewalks with more efficient use of water.

The K5.740 electric pressure washer is one of an Karcher X series that highly secure and user-friendly, easy to turn on, and does not need extra maintenance costs.

Karcher K5.740 pressure washer hose reel

Usually most electric pressure washer equipped with 20 ft standard hose. But when you choose to buy Karcher K5.740 x series you will get an extra 5ft. The 25 ft high pressure hose will allow you to move freely while doing the cleaning, and make you more easy to clean large areas that are difficult to reach. K5.740 X series has supported with a hose reel, which will make it easier to pull the hose quickly, or roll the hose back into the hose reel.

Best Karcher K5.740 trigger gunKarcher K5.740 x series trigger gun has integrated with child safety features and automatic motor control system. This is one of best trigger gun that has a comfortable grip, extremely lightweight, and modern. When you clean the patio area and you have a plan to leave the machine for a moment, while your children playing around the patio, you can activate the child lock feature, to keep your kids stay safe when accessing the spray gun without your permission.Interestingly, though you leave the machine in the running mode, the automatic stop feature makes the motor still not working. The motor will actually work when you press the trigger to start spraying. This feature will make the pump and the motor does not heat quickly and makes the motor and pump durable, reduce noise, and reduce power consumption.

Karcher K5740 Vario Power Spray & DirtBlaster Wands
Karcher K5.740 electric pressure washer supported with premium spray wand and can assemble quickly with the trigger gun. When you do a light cleaning, you can use the Vario Power Spray wand (VPS). You can quickly adjust the water pressure by rotating the end of the VPS stick. As for heavy cleaning tasks, such as removing the moss on the fence, concentrated dirt on the sidewalks, or mud on the your vehicle wheels, you can integrate DirtBlaster stick. The dirtBlaster stick capable producing 50 per cent more pressure than the VPS wand.

Karcher K5740 Water Cooled  Induction Motor
Karcher K5.740 very easy to turn on. Backed by 35 ft power cable that already integrated with GFCI, you can connect this device to a power source in the house easily, quickly, and safely. This product uses 120 volts / 13 Amps induction motor, this means that this device suitable with standard voltage in the United States, as well as Canada. Induction motors with Water Cooled technology allows the water in the pump rotates in a lower temperature, colder temperatures will keep the motor's performance remains stable and makes the motor 5 times more durable when compared with others electric pressure washer motor. And most importantly, this tool was received CSA safety certification, quieter than the gas pressure washers, and you do not have to do regular maintenance on the motor and pump. This means you do not have to incur extra costs to do regular maintenance.

What other things are very important from Karcher K5.740 that interesting to know? please see more detail about Karcher K5.740 electric pressure washer through the image below:

Karcher X-Series Electric Cold Water Pressure Washer - 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM Picture

Comparing K5.740 with Karcher K 5.540 X-Series 2000PSI

Karcher X Series Electric pressure washers available in several models. All of the X series models have the same specifications. To help you to find more options, I tried to compare Karcher K5.740 with K5.540 which also comes with 2000 PSI. Let's take a closer look to find the difference.
SPECS K5.740 K5.540
90 Days Warranty Yes Yes
Limited Warranty 1-year limited 1-year limited
CSA Certifed Yes Yes
Power Cord Length 35 ft GFCI 35 ft GFCI
Hose Length 25 ft 25 ft
Hose Reel Yes Yes
On Board Storage Yes Yes
Detergent Tank Options Yes, Single Tank Yes, Single Tank
Pump Karcher direct drive axial Karcher direct drive axial
Motor type Induction Induction
Availaible Stock Yes, In Stock Yes, In Stock
Customer Reviews 4.3 out of 5 stars (29 Costumer Reviews) 3.3 out of 5 stars (371 Coustomer Reviews)
Best Sellers Rank #26,032 in Patio, Lawn & Garden #2,856 in Patio, Lawn & Garden
After seeing the comparison table, I know that the difference is only on the level of popularity or rating products, as well as the sales rankings. Rating and ranking of sales of each product displaying through Amazon. The rating calculated by using a special machine by taking several important criteria of such as: the age of a review, helpfulness votes by customers and much more.

Not only get a good rating, the price of Karcher K5.740 electric pressure washer also slightly cheaper when compared to K5.540.

Best-selling Electric Pressure Washer Options

Do you need other options? Here are some best-selling electric pressure washers, which has met at least 5 to 7 of the 10 key criteria that I specify.

Top THE FORCE 1800 PSI pressure washer 

Model Number PHI-1800A
Power Cord Length 35 ft GFCI
PSI 1600 up to 1800 PSI
Hose Length 20 ft
Hose Reel Yes
Warranty 1 year Powerhouse warranty
Certified CE, GS, ROHS an EMC certified
Availaible Stock Yes, In Stock

AR Blue Clean AR112 1600 PSI Electric Hand Carry Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean AR112 1,600 PSI 1.58 GPM Electric Hand Carry Pressure Washer
Brand AR Blue Clean
Model Number AR112
Power Cord Length 30 ft GFCI
PSI 1600 PSI
GPM 1.58 GPM
Hose Length 20 ft
Hose Reel No
Warranty 1 year warranty
Certified No
Availaible Stock Yes, In Stock

Premium Realm 1500 PSI 13 Amp Pressure Washer

Realm 1500 PSI 1.60 GPM Electric Pressure Washer
Model Number BY01-VBJ-WT
Power Cord Length 30 ft GFCI
PSI 1500 PSI
Hose Length 19 ft
Hose Reel Yes
Warranty 1 year warranty
Certified No
Availaible Stock Yes, In Stock
After finishing reading best electric pressure washer reviews through this blog, you might ask why you should buy this product. This tool not only help you to solve all cleaning jobs quickly, it also consumes less water to deliver maximum cleaning results than a garden hose.