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AR118 Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer


Garden hose was not really help you to solve all cleaning tasks in your home, spend a lot of water and waste your time. Why not buy a new pressure washer? AR Blue Clean AR118 can be the best solution for all your problems.

But, before you actually decide to buy an AR Blue Clean AR 118 electric pressure washer, you should finish reading this reviews. You'll find detailed product specifications, quality components and features, as well as a comparison table between the AR Blue Clean AR 118 with other series.

Brand AR Blue Clean
Model Number AR118
PSI 1,500
GPM 1.5
Cleaning Power 2250
Power Cord Length 35 ft GFCI
Hose Length 20 high pressure hose
Pump 3 axial-piston wobble plate pump
Motor type Universal 120 Volts
Availaible Stock Yes, In Stock

Review the components of the AR Blue Clean AR 118

Knowing the components of a pressure washer you want to buy would be one of the important agenda you should do before you actually decide to make a deal. Each electric pressure washer is usually supported with different components. Differences of the components can figure the quality and performance of the pressure washer itself.

Pump and Motor
Pumps and motors in electric pressure washers work together to make sure that the tool can optimally generate pressure and water flow. This part also be the only reason, why a pressure washer can generate higher PSI scores, even 5 times higher than a garden hose.

Wobble and Axial are two popular types of pumps are widely used in most electric pressure washers. While the induction motors and universal motors are popular motor types that available to choose.

AR Blue Clean AR 118 powered by a Universal 120-volt single-phase motors and 3  AR Axial-piston Wobble Plate Pump. Universal motor is one of the popular motor types are often used for other household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, blander, power tools, and even on a lawn mower.

Universal motor is also capable of operating with the AC and DC power. This motor has a high starting torque which can run at high-speed and light. And the motor universal not noisy and do not need extra maintenance costs. With motors that are environmentally friendly and not noisy, making AR Blue Clean AR 118 is perfect and safe for cleaning tasks inside and outside the home.

AR Blue Clean AR 118 using one of the best types of pumps. These pumps designed by AR experts. AR itself is one of the experienced company that has produced high-pressure pump which is really good quality. In fact, some AR pump is also used by some of the pressure washer from other brands.

Although using one type of entry level pump. But the 3 AR Axial-piston wobble plate at the AR Blue Clean AR 118 has a difference with the usual wobble pump. These AR pump use a stainless steel plunger that can last longer than the usual wobble pump. AR 3 Axial pumps also covered by a 1 year warranty.

Thanks to the durable pump and motor, AR Blue Clean AR 118 can generate a score of 1500 PSI at 1.5 GPM. This means, AR Blue Clean AR 118 electric power washer has a 2250 cleaning power.  AR 118 will provide the best cleaning results, when used for light cleaning tasks, such as cleaning vehicles, cleaning small patio and for garden furniture cleaning. AR Blue Clean AR 118 also remains perfect for use under 20 hours per week.

Spray Tips or Nozzles
Tips or Nozzles are components or accessories that can help you in determining the spray angle you want. Each degree angle spraying is usually used for different cleaning tasks.

AR Blue Clean AR 118 cold power washer supported by an adjustable nozzle. This is one kind of user-friendly nozzle that is easy to run and offers two spray angle. Start by spraying with a wide-angle, to a smaller angle for removing the highly concentrated dirt.

Power Cord 
Power cable serves to connect the appliance to the main power source. Each pressure washer is typically supported by power cables with different lengths. AR Blue Clean AR 118 supported by a 35 ft power cable, longer than the standard size. The AR Blue Clean AR 118 power cord equipped with a GFCI will prevent electric shock while using this product.

There are three types of hose available that you can choose. PVC plastic is one type of hose that is inexpensive, durable, and upgradeable. AR Blue Clean AR 118 electric pressure cleaners supported with a 1/4" PVC plastic hose.

Extra features of AR Blue Clean AR 118

Total Stop System
This feature serves to prevent the pump and motor at the AR Blue Clean AR 118 overheat. This Total Stop features  making pumps and motors really work when you start pressing the trigger of the gun, and when you stop pressing the gun trigger, this feature will quickly making the pump and the motor stops working.

Detergent  Bottle
This feature can be integrated on a spray wand, allowing you can do the washing with special detergents to get the best cleaning results.

Comparing AR Blue Clean AR 118 with AR 116 Electric Pressure Washer 

AR 118 and AR 116 is a twin cold water electric pressure washers are perfect for all light cleaning tasks. This is the best series of AR Blue Clean pressure washer you should consider. To allow you to make a choice, here we present a detailed comparison of the specifications of each product.

Pressure Washers
AR 116 Electric pressure washer

AR 118
AR 116 electric pressure washer

AR 116
1500 PSI
1450 PSI
1.5 GPM
Cleaning power
Water Temperature
Universal 120 Volts, 60 Hz
Universal 120 Volts, 60 Hz
3 axial-piston wobble plate pump
3 axial-piston wobble plate pump

Where Can You Read More Reviews for the AR Blue Clean AR 118 1500 PSI 1.5 GPM? 

The best place for reviews from people who actually use the AR Blue Clean AR118 product is Amazon.