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Pressure Pro E3027HC Gas Pressure Washer


When you know that a garden hose can not offer better cleaning results, and force you to spend a lot of time to complete all cleaning tasks around the house, now you might be looking for a solution. You should buy a new pressure washer. It is the only best solution to save your time and your money.

Cleaning a small area, small deck, and vehicles at your house can easily done by a pressure washer. To resolving optimally and quickly all the light cleaning tasks, you can use an electric type. Please read: (best electric pressure washer). But if you want a better machine for heavy cleaning tasks, such as for cleaning up oil on the garage floor, removing the paint, cleaning large surfaces, cleaning industrial equipment, farm equipment, and even cleaning the two-storey house, you should use the gas type, Why?

Should I Buy A Pressure Pro E3027HC Pressure Washer?

Gas pressure washer is one of the best type after the electric type. Gas type usually comes with higher PSI and GPM score, the high PSI and GPM score combinations make this type has higher cleaning power than electric type. This type also always supported by best components that make gas pressure washer more powerful and more durable.

So, if you want a premium cleaning tool that you can use every day to complete all cleaning tasks quickly, or if you want to upgrade your old pressure washer, make sure you buy gas a pressure washer.

Pressure Pro E3027HC gas pressure washer is one of the most our recommended products. Why? Please continue reading this review for knowing 5 best reasons why you should buy this product.

1. Pressure Pro E3027HC produced by the experience company
Know in detail about the company that manufactures the products that we want to buy, it will help us to find out how quality the product itself. Every experience company always offers the best product.

Pressure Pro, Inc., is a company that has over 19 years experience in providing pressure washers for all consumers in South Florida. The Pressure Pro company founded by Dale Reed based on honesty, integrity, technical knowledge, best customer service, and high quality products. All of that's main principles that make Pressure Pro company has a positive national and international growth.

Has an office that stands on 100,000 square foot area, Pressure Pro company very confident will not run out of stock and ready to ship products every time. Before the product actually delivered to the consumer, Pressure Pro brings all the products into the testing rooms. This done to make sure that every product that was purchased by consumers can directly use after arriving at their home. All products directly tested and assembled in the United States.

Let's look Pressure Pro company more closely via short video below:

Pressure Pro offers gas pressure washers in several popular series. Pressure Pro E3027HC is one of the Eagle series. All Eagle series certainly has supported by the 10 standard features and 5 standard accessories.

2. Pressure Pro E3027HC supported by the best components
In order to give better cleaning results quickly and can use every day, each gas pressure washers should supported by high-quality components. To find a high-quality gas pressure washers that can solve all cleaning tasks as you expect, you need to know how the component quality of each gas pressure washers that you will buy in detail.

Pressure Pro E3027HC  pump 

Pressure Pro E3207HC gas pressure washer supported by CAT PPX 4PPX30GSI series triplex pump. It is one of the direct drive pumps that offer better performance than the Wobble and Axial pump.

Based engineeredge "triplex pump is a pump that consists of three pistons or plunger operating on cylinders that are all driven by a single power source. The pump has a mechanism that is able to make smooth flow, reducing pressure pulsation, and to reduce fatigue on mechanical components on the pump. This pump is also able to increase the pressure and flow rate."

This pump system is divided into two types, namely Direct Drive and Belt Drive. Each type has advantages and disadvantages, you can know the difference between these two types of pumps here.

Triplex pumps that mounted on Pressure Pro E3207HC is a pump that uses a direct drive system. This system makes the pump appear in a simpler or compact design. However, because the pump connected directly to the engine shaft, the pump RPM, similar to engine RPM.

Bearings and components inside direct drive pump can wear out quickly, the vibration can also occur and be transferred directly into the pump, the pump rotation on direct drive system that goes fast also makes these pumps are not able to estimate the water in the tank well.

However, you do not need to worry, 4PPX30GSI pump is one of the best products produced by CAT. The CAT company has experienced more than 47 years in creating high-quality pumps are durable. So I remain convinced that these pumps can make Pressure Pro E3207HC has the best performance.

As proof, CAT pumps 4PPX30GSI series has received a 4 star rating from one trusted company named Power Equipment Direct. These pumps also get B score. Based on 10 reviews on that website, only 2 consumers who gave negative responses, while another 8 consumers give positive comments. 75% of respondents also recommend these pumps to their friends.

CAT pumps on Pressure Pro gas pressure washer protected by a 2 year officially warranty. The E3207HC Eagle series also integrated with a thermo sensor feature, this feature prevents the pump overheat during use, because the bypass mode. Triplex pumps can live more than 1000 hours before being repaired, so these pumps are perfect for daily use.

Pressure Pro E3207HC use Honda OHV engine

Besides popularly used in several different types of equipment such as generators, farm equipment, small vehicles, and water pumps, The Pressure Pro company also not want to miss to use the Honda GX200 engine for their 2700 psi gas pressure washers line.

All Honda GX series engines, including the GX200 offer high quality premium features. Honda GX200 is OVH type machine that comes with a simple design, fuel-efficient and able optimally to transfer power.

Let's look Honda GX200 engine that's mounted on a Pressure Pro 2700 psi gas pressure washer more closely  :

Pro E3027HC GX200 Engine Performance

3. Perfect for two different cleaning jobs

If you have 3000 PSI gas pressure washer at 4.0 GPM, it is not possible to use these products for light cleaning tasks, such as washing vehicles, washing windows, and patio furniture. These tool will not clean all of that, but can actually cause serious damage.

But if you have a 2000 PSI pressure washer at 2.0 GPM, it is not possible to use this product for heavy cleaning tasks, such as cleaning the two-storey house, cleaning the oil on the floor of the garage, cleaning the deck, removing the paint. If you are still forced to clean all of it, this tool will requires longer time to complete all the heavy cleaning tasks.

The Pressure Pro 2700 PSI gas pressure washer offers solutions for all the problems that mentioned above. Combined with a 3.0 GPM score, this E3207HC Eagle series become as a perfect cleaning tool for two different cleaning tasks.

By having 8100 cleaning power, The Pressure Pro Eagle series still safe when used for light cleaning tasks. This Pressure Pro 2700 psi gas pressure washer also offers the best performance when used to clean up oil on the garage floor, two-story house, removing the paint, removing the mud in the wheel, cleaning industrial equipment, and much more.

4. User friendly and very safe to use

This product total weight is 95 lbs with 32L x 22W x 25H dimensions, Pressure Pro is very heavy when it lifted by one hand. Maybe that's one reason, why the Pressure Pro E3207HC must integrated with a cart.

The Pressure Pro Eagle series carts supported by aircraft grade aluminum construction. It is one of the high-quality and expensive materials that align with titanium and carbon fiber.  Combined with two handles, the aircraft grade aluminum material lighter than steel, weather resistant, corrosion resistant, not easy to heat, and easy to maintain.

The Pressure Pro 2700 psi pressure washer carts also supported by pneumatic wheels. This is the type of wheels for a vehicle. Has a larger size than the flat wheel, the wheel able to pass all the terrain with ease. The wheel can also dampen vibrations well.

Honda GX200 engine on Pressure Pro E3207HC also equipped with an automatic decompression system. This system lets you easily and quickly to turn this gas pressure washer on.


“This system, which is connected to the camshaft, reduces compression by opening the exhaust valve slightly when the engine is being started.  This reduces the amount of force needed to start the engine and improves starting performance.
The system disengages automatically after the engine starts to prevent any power loss during normal operation.” 
“GX series, V-twin series, iGX series
Honda’s Oil Alert system helps to prevent engine seizure due to a low oil condition.
The system consists of an oil level sensor inside the crankcase.  When the oil reaches a level that is too low for safe operation, the engine warns you or stops automatically. “

Based on the quote above, in addition offering optimal power, Honda also makes a user friendly engine, so you can easily run Pressure Pro E3207HC every time.

Pressure Pro 2700 psi gas pressure washer also supported by the 50 ft high-pressure hose. It is beyond the standard size deals. With a long hose, each user can clean areas that are difficult to reach with ease without having to turn off and restart the engine again.

While in terms of safety, Honda GX200 engine very low emissions and has certified by EPA and CARB. This means that these products can used by all consumers in the United States, including all consumers in California.

5. This product is always available

Pressure Pro E3207HC 2700 psi is available in a lot of stock, so all consumers do not have to worry about running out of stock. You can easily find these products in regular stores, even you can also find this tool easily through the online store.

How much money should you spend ? 

When we find out about the price of Pressure Pro E3207HC gas pressure washer via the Pressure Pro website, we did not find the pricing details. But when we try to look at Amazon, this 2700 psi pressure washer has a cheaper price under $ 900.

What's Included : 

  • Honda GX200 engine
  • CAT Brand Triplex Plunger Pump
  • Professional quality insulated gun and wand
  • Chemical injector
  • 50 mesh inlet filter
  • 50 ft steel re-enforced high pressure hose
  • 4 color-coded QC spray nozzles
  • 1 color-coded QC chemical nozzle

Want to read more reviews of Pressure Pro E3207HC?

You can read consumer reviews that are already using these products through Amazon.

You need other options?

Pressure Pro is very confident that they will not run out of stock, there are many products that can selected by each consumer. Each consumer can easily and actually find a product that suits their desires.

There are more than 20 Eagle series available, ranging from 2700 PSI to 4000 PSI, with a blend of 3.0 to 4.0 GPM. In the group 2700 PSI, there are seven products that you can choose, E3027HG and E3027HA are two other options that we recommend to you

Pressure Pro E3027HG 2700 PSI Gas Pressure Washer
E3207HC VS E3207HA pressure washer


Knowing the detailed product review will certainly help you get a clear and complete information about the product that you want to buy. We know that honesty is one of the main principles of the Pressure Pro. So I am very confident of the quality and performance of all products they offer, including Pressure Pro E3207HC pressure washer.