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Snap On Electric Pressure Washer “870785”


Snap On Electric Pressure Washer “870785” - Before deciding to make a purchase, search or read the full review of the product will be an important agenda for every consumer who has experienced. Even when they want to buy a new pressure washer. This is the best way that can help them to find a right products that have good quality and durable.

Buying a favorite products via the Internet is the most effective way. There are many of the best electric pressure washer sites that present information about this modern cleaning tool. Through this site, all of our amazing consumers will get a comprehensive reviews of Snap On electric pressure washer (870785).

Snap On Electric Pressure Washer “870785”

What is the electric pressure washer?

It is one of the popular pressure washer type that serves to help us when performing cleaning tasks around the house. Most consumers believe that this best cleaning tool has two times better performance when compared with a garden hose in our homes. When compared perform manual cleaning, these machine can provide a more hygienic cleaning results and much faster.

In addition to the type of gas, electric models can be an alternative option. This model is suitable for all consumers who are looking for an affordable price pressure washers that still provide the best performance when used for light to medium cleaning, such as to clean the mud on the wheels of vehicles, cleaning mildew on the fence, clean up the dust that accumulates on the patio furniture, and make the deck look like new.

10 Advantages of Electric Pressure Washer :  

  • More energy efficient
  • Cheaper
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Not noisy
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to store
  • Available in many options
  • User friendly
  • Easy to turn on

1 weakness of Electric Power Washer

  • Only suitable for light and medium duty cleaning.

What should be considered when buying a electric pressure washer :

  • Motor size and type of pump
  • Type of Nozzle
  • PSI and GPM
  • Hose and Cable
  • Security Features 

All the above points are always a concern for all consumers experienced. It is an indicator that can describe how the quality and performance of an electric pressure washer itself. Please keep reading because here I will explain all the points and do correlation with Snap On pressure washer 870785.

Snap On 870785 Power Washer PSI & GPM

PSI and GPM is a measure that is always there in every pressure washers. PSI is a measure of the pressure that is created, while GPM is a measure of how much water will flow within a matter of minutes. Electric models usually come with 1500 to 2000 PSI, and combined with 1.2 to 1.8 GPM.

1500 to 1600 PSI   = basic model
1700 to 1800 PSI   = medium model
1800 up to 2000 PSI = highest model

When we multiply the PSI and GPM, then we can know how the cleaning power of each pressure washer itself.

The first product with a score of 2000 PSI at 1.2 GPM will generate 2400 cleaning power.
The second product comes with a 2000 PSI at 1.4 GPM will generate 2800 cleaning power.

Although each of the above products has the same PSI scores, but when both have a different GPM score, it will produce different cleaning power. A product that has a higher cleaning power can provide better cleaning results and can be two times faster to clean large areas.

This Snap On pressure washer comes with a 2000 PSI at 1.4 GPM, this model has 2800 cleaning power. Besides suitable for light cleaning tasks, this is one of the best electric models are also able to provide maximum performance when used for heavy duty cleaning.

Snap On Pressure Washer motor & pump type 

Motor and pump electric pressure washers are the two main components which serve to generate the appropriate size of the water pressure when the tool is run. So make sure you choose a product that is backed by the best types of motors and pumps.

There are two popular types of motors are often used by any electric pressure washers, such as induction motors and universal. Both types offer different performance and quality. Universal motors are one type of motor used on some of the products offered at lower prices. This motor can still provide maximum performance, but is not recommended to use these tools in more than 40 hours per week. While induction motors are one type of premium motor, which is usually mounted on a product with a higher price. Induction motors can be used by more than 300 hours, and not noisy when running.

While the pump, make sure you choose a product that uses Axial pump. It is more durable pump when compared with the wobble pump. Axial easy to maintain, durable, and when the pump is damaged then the pump can be repaired.

Snap On pressure washers using a standard induction motor with a voltage of 120 Volt 13 Amp. This means that this product is in conformity with any standard home-voltage consumers in the United States. While the pump used is the type of durable pumps, direct drive Axial.

Snap On 870785 Pressure Cleaner Nozzle type

Nozzle or tips is standard components that are integrated in at the end of a stick spray. This component is used to determine the desired spraying angle.

There are two types of nozzles are available today, including the standard nozzle, and the type of turbo. Standard nozzle consists of 5 tips, wherein each of the tips have different spray angles. While the turbo nozzle is the most modern type, turbo nozzle can be adjusted to several spraying angle. For example, combining the angle of 0 degrees with some of the bigger angle, and make cleaning results will be maximal.

Snap On 870785 is equipped with a turbo nozzle, this is one of the more practical type of nozzle can be adjusted quickly. You can combine more than one angle spraying.

Snap On 870785 Pressure Washer Hose and Power Cord

Hose is an important component of an electric pressure washers. So we need to know the size and type of hose on the products we want to buy. To be able to clean up areas that are difficult to reach, we would require a long hose. Each pressure washers are usually supported with a standard hose with a length of 20 ft.

Meanwhile, each product is typically supported by the type of hose are made of different materials, some of the types of plastic, some use a rubber hose, and some use polyurethane hose.

Snap On 870785 is equipped with a hose 25 ft of PVC plastic. Longer hose size when compared to a standard size. Although made of plastic material, and less elastic, this is the best kind of high pressure hose. If you want a more elastic hose, hose can be updated to the rubber material, or polyurethane.

While cable is an important part that serves to connect the machine to the main energy source. Similar to the hose each pressure washer that's equipped with a long cable, it will make the user, it becomes easier to connect this equipment to the power source in the house. Snap On 870 85 Series supported by a 35 ft cable and integrated with a hose reel.

Safety features

Although the electric pressure washer is one of the user-friendly tools, but before using this tool for cleaning tasks around the house make sure we've read the user manual first.

The function of the user's manual provided by the company, is to ensure that all consumers can use the product correctly so as to reduce the risk of damage or accident during use.

In addition to user guide book, some more modern products today are equipped with the best safety features. Some of the security features that can be found in an electric pressure washer are auto-stop system, GFCI, thermal protector, and some products are also usually equipped with standard safety license from the official international organizations.

Almost the same as most other pressure washers, Snap On has also been supported by the GFCI. This is a safety feature that serves to monitor current flow in and out of the power supply to the appliance.

When the reverse current flow is not appropriate, or more than 4 milli amps, then this feature can quickly stop the flow of current in less than 1 second. So as to prevent the emergence of a ground fault, and electric shock.

This snap on 870785 pressure washer Series is also equipped with Thermal Protector. This is a safety feature for the pump. When the water in the pump is not sprayed, or you do pause during cleaning, the water will be spinning at the pump, and will increase the temperature of the pump, when the temperature has exceeded 104 degrees Fahrenheit, then this feature will open, and hot steam will come out, and the temperature back to normal. This feature makes the pump will be more durable.

How much money should be invested ?

We did not find this product on the Snap-on website, but to be able to bring Snap-on 870 785 pressure washer to the house, we can buy it through some of the largest online stores, and after searching, some online stores offer these products at a price of $ 199. While the two other largest online store selling these products at lower prices. In addition to ebay, pressure washers also on sale at Amazon for less than $ 180.

What’s Included :

  • Pressure Washer
  • Spray Gun
  • 25ft PVC Plastic Hose
  • 35 Ft Power Cord With GFCI 
  • Thermal Protector
  • Built in Dispenser with Suction Function
  • Safety Glasses
  • Turbo Nozzle

Does it include a Warranty?

Yes, the Snap On 2000 PSI pressure cleaner includes a 1 year warranty.

What Others Are Saying

It is one of the best-rated pressure washers. In the Amazon, these products get a 4.7 star rating by ranking the best selling at a rate of 28000. And here are some positive reviews from consumers who have been using Snap On pressure washer :

"Love the built in hose reel and place to store the nozzles"
"This pressure washer works wonderfully"
"very nice... works good..."
"Very compact, easy to store in garage, I like were everything is on the unit and stays with the unit when moving around"

Where reliable place to buy Snap On Pressure Washer 2000 PSI ?

You can buy this pressure washer through Amazon. In addition to free shipping costs, Amazon also uses the international payment system that is safe and easy, you also will get good service. And Amazon sells this product at a cheaper price when compared to other online stores.

Where Can You Read More Reviews for the Snap On Pressure Washer 2000 PSI ?

The best place for reviews from people who actually use the product is Amazon.